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ESTEX, WATER SERVICE TAP KIT, $1,485.00 Add to Cart

Water Service Tap Kit is designed to direct the explosive effectrs if a water pipe failure during the execution of a tapping procedure to a pressurized water pipe, otherwise known as a "Hot Tap". All components of the kit can be purchase individually, or as a whole.

A. 1HT-40TAP-4860 
4’ x 5’ patented silicone elastomer coated fiberglass 
Mullen burst is in excess of 1000 PSI. ASTM D-751 
One provided, standard 

B. 1-TDE-5818-WE 
18” L x 4” x 5/8” shank Helical welded eye metal anchors 
Four provided, standard 

C. 1-TDE-58-ADP 

Designed to fit most 5/8” impact tools (hydraulic or electric powered) 
One provided, standard 

D. TE-S-6LN-1TD 
Adjustable Anchor Straps : 6’ L, with rated pear-shape, screw-type carabiners 
Carabiner Rating kN 22 8 
Strap 1200 PSI tensile 
Four provided, standard in zipper pouch Estex #2530 

E. 2830-TAP 
Heavy duty, waterproof bag with plastic bottom. 
24” L x 10.5” W x 16” H 
2 - 19” L x 4” W x 8” H inside pockets to secure sharp augers 
One provided, standard 

Combination of all above listed products, to form entire kit. 

The user assumes all risks, and is responsible



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